Character Creation

Character Creation

The characters in the group are all special in some manner, and have been drawn to each other because of a slow methodical process that is usually involved when mortals want to make it clear they’re suspicious of something unnatural without coming off as crazy in case the other individuals don’t believe such things. Still, with time, they’ve come together to hopefully gain some idea as to the various things influencing the state of the city.

All player characters at the start, as such, are mortals, but with the ability to have special merits, so create a basic mortal character via the standard creation rules in the Core book, with the following tweaks:

  • Attribute divisions will be 5/4/4 instead of 5/4/3
  • In addition to the 11/7/4 skill points, you have 2 more dots to place in either the secondary or tertiary skill categories.
  • 7 Merit dots to start as normal
  • In addition to these, you gain 4 dots of supernatural merits for free, this can be either psychic abilities, additional thaumaturge rituals, or other supernatural merits from the core, Book of the Dead, or Book of Spirits. It can also be spent on a minor template (Wolf-Blood, Sleepwalker, Enchanted Mortal, etc).
  • Morality is 7, but can be dropped by up to 2 points for 5xp each drop, however, during the first session I’ll be rolling to see if you gain a derangement, as per normal, if you do.

Other Notes:

  • If you take a minor template, note you won’t start off knowing specifically what you are, just that you’re different and that you’ve seen or been around odd things.
  • If you want to use things from books I haven’t mentioned, I’ll likely allow it, but talk to me first.
  • An Occult score of at least 1 is more or less a requirement.
  • The Retainer merit needs to be specifically discussed with me, depending on what you want to use it for. Other companion merits are allowed if prereqs are met (A thaumaturge might be able to buy a familiar, and anyone can buy a ghost ally)


  • If you have book of the dead, I’m allowing a version of “Medium” that applies to Spirits, call it Spirit Medium.

Character Creation

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