The Whisperer’s Club

Likely where the PCs end up meeting, this is a location known to most occult-minded mortals, a small meeting area in the back of a local occult bookstore, hidden from the more naive buyers but any that truly seem to embrace the fact that there’s other things out there are usually found and brought into the fold.

It’s got several rooms, a general meet and greet area where refreshments are often served, a couple of guest bedrooms in case a member needs a place to stay or hide for a night, and a small library of more “useful” books than are available in the main store, for research purposes, and this includes many things written and “published” by those in the group.

Location Mechanics
  • All Meditation rolls or Trance rolls gain a +1 bonus
  • Those with Status 1 or above have access to the occult library for research, gaining a +1 on relevant rolls.
  • Those that regularly attend the ‘club’ are assumed to have Contacts (Occult) automatically.


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