Supernatural Groups

The Whisperers – Mortal

Meeting in the back of a small bookstore (Explained on the Locations page), the Whisperers are a loose network of mediums, psychics, thaumaturges, and other mortals that have some light connection to the supernatural world and have peeled back a layer from it. Most aren’t aware of the major supernaturals, that is, vampires, mages, and the like, but they are aware that ‘things’ are out there that aren’t just mortals, and that their own abilities don’t even approach the full capabilities of said beings.

While any of the aforementioned types can meet and greet and get basic help, some individuals become more involved and are seen as the most helpful, knowledgeable sorts, and is represented by purchasing Status (Whisperers), and is outlined below, in addition to the social bonus it normally gives.

Note: Status in the whisperers is NOT subject to the Forbidden Lore penalties and drawbacks

Status Benefit
1-2 All Occult Research is given a +1 bonus due to access to the private library
3-4 Experience point costs for supernatural merits that can be taught are halved
5 Only the head has this much status

Supernatural Groups

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