Volatilis Revisited: A city torn

It’s been several years, and the city is even worse than before. The Iron handed grip of the Invictus makes it difficult for any supernatural presence to survive without paying proper tribute, their networks of allies, servants, and resources enough to keep the others at bay in the main city, causing the Others to become scarce, and the Carthians to go into hiding. Still, it’s said that in the neighboring suburban reaches, werewolves prowl, and to the neighboring city in the north, Mmges of the Pentacle and the Seers alike keep watch. Changelings are scattered about the street and nearby towns, and the rich feeling of fear and sorrow amongst the city give the Autumn and Winter courts reason to lurk within.

Of course, this just means that as one travels down the darkened street corners and alleyways, they feel watched from every direction. Everyone wants to strengthen their ranks, and mortals that show a hint of prospect in dealing with the supernatural are sometimes taken and either convinced or brainwashed to serve, or otherwise influenced to work for the various factions of the city. It’s not safe for anyone, and the weakened wills of pliable mortals makes them even worse off.

Despite the obvious dangers and the common mortal intuition to simply turn away from the darkness and leave it be, some decide to push, finding out what anonymous sources are trying to manipulate their day to day life, or doing some behind the scenes research into the most recent unexplained disaster. It’s not a safe route, but there are always those that for the sake of power, knowledge, or just simple curiosity feel they need to dig a little deeper.

Unfortunately, nobody is better off after piercing the veil.

Volatilis Revisited